A chair of legal drafting will soon be born. As a gathering point for researchers and a training venue, this Chair, which will be established at Laval University, will provide a comprehensive and in-depth treatment of this particular aspect of the law. " We want to create an environment of specialists in legal drafting ," said e Pierre Lemieux, dean of the Faculty of Law at Laval University.


Any jurist called to write a text knows that this exercise requires a multiplicity of knowledge, in addition to legal knowledge. This is why the contribution of complementary disciplines is unavoidable in the study of this phenomenon. " The Chair will allow for partnerships with external and interdisciplinary collaborators, inter-university exchanges and the engagement of other units, such as the Faculty of Arts or the Department of Languages, Linguistics and Translation, will be essential. professionals who work daily in the drafting and who are interested in it: lawyers, notaries, judges, civil servants, lawyers . "

Pierre Lemieux, Dean of the Faculty of Law of Laval University 
Pierre Lemieux, Dean of the Faculty of Law of Laval University

This collegiality is already reflected in the composition of the proposed committee of the Chair, composed of Pierre Issalys , professor at the Faculty of Law at Laval University, e  Lisette Savard , the Directorate Secretariat and Legal Affairs of the Company auto insurance in Quebec, and e  Richard Tremblay , a forensic Management to government legislation to the Ministry of Justice of Quebec.

Two programs

In its report, the committee anticipates that training activities will be offered once the research component is put in place. He recommends the creation of two graduate programs: a master's degree with essay or memory, and a microprogram of 12 credits.

The master's degree with test would aim at the acquisition and the improvement of knowledge leading to a professional practice. The master's with memory would be in a perspective of research and would allow the access to the doctorate. As for the microprogram, it would address candidates with sufficient professional experience in legal writing, and would be like a " supermarket of continuing education ".

Need investors

For the moment, the Chair is looking for investors. " Our goal is to raise a million dollars ," said M e Lemieux, who is hopeful of achieving this target during the next year. "A capitalization between one and two million dollars will ensure the autonomy of the Chair, and such funding can also serve as leverage for government commitment. "

The start of research activities, and then training, will be conditional upon obtaining these funds. It will be the first funded chair attached to the Faculty of Law of Laval University. In the current context of university budget cuts, M e  Lemieux does not hide he saw in this formula a way to get to Quebec researchers and students.

It is also already agreed that the new chair will be named Louis-Philippe Pigeon. " Louis-Philippe Pigeon contributed to the development of legal drafting so that the choice of name was obvious ," said M e Lemieux.

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